Visit the Cortland Eye Center Optical Boutique


The Optical Boutique provides full optical services and is staffed by our licensed optician Cinnamon.

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We have the look you want at the Optical Boutique
of Cortland Eye Center.

Glasses are not just about function anymore, they are about looking, seeing, and feeling great.  Have a little fun with your less-than-perfect vision! 

Our frame inventory includes all the latest trends; from budget to designer.  We offer the most recent advancements in lens technology and will provide you with the options that are appropriate for you, your frame choice, and your budget. 

Our Optical Boutique is able to fill your valid contact lens prescriptions and reorders. 

Our goal is to enhance both your vision and your look with accurate prescriptions and appropriate eyewear choices suited to your visual and lifestyle needs. 

There is no appointment necessary to visit our Optical Boutique.  Stop in anytime during our regular business hours.  We are happy to serve you.